Standardised: Sequence events for website creation?

Hi Everyone.

After a good couple of months of learning all the insides, of HTML,CSS and currently Javascript, I was wondering if there was a best practice in coding your website.

I know most of the code and what do with it, but I work rather chaotically. Is there a standardised way most web developers work, so that it is easy to share and work on each others code?

What is the correct “flow chart” for writing your html and css? What is the correct “flow chart” for reading other peoples code? In short, how do I make sharing and reading code most efficient?

Hello SvenZ, welcome to the FCC forums, hope you find what your looking for :slight_smile:

I’d say this is too generic. There are infinite ways to go about building a website, as such there are best practices here and there, but that doesn’t mean everyone builds stuff the same way.

As most things it depends. Like why are you building a website in the first place? Who are you building it for? Why do they need it, what do they need it for? All of this is part of gathering requirements, which is one of the first steps in software engineering, or really any time of engineering. There are multiple ways to go past just gathering requirements, like how to keep track of work, how to get feedback, how to integrate changes, etc etc, its all part of software engineering.

Generally its less about how to work, and more about what to be working on. The how to work part is mainly up to what you know and what the project actually is. For example, if your working on a site for a bank company, odds are security is paramount as is testing. Where-as if your working for a local non-profit for free, the requirements might dictate to focus more on how the project looks more than anything else. Heck, the requirement your code needs to be “clean and readable” might be important as other developers may use it, but you will need to define what clean and readable even means.

Find your own system if your just learning, but be able to adapt how you work depending on the situation. There isn’t a 1 size fit all 100% best way to go about things as all projects and their requirements are different.

This is the best flow chart I can think of:

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