Stanley Kubrick Tribute Page

Stanley Kubrick Tribute Page
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Hey all!

Thanks for taking the time to let me know what you think of my Stanley Kubrick tribute page below:


I love the layout and your use of Bootstrap. My only suggestion would be to add something more personal, maybe? Either some information about Kubrik’s personal life, or even better, a story of how Kubrik has touched you personally. This is a tribute page, after all. :wink:


Looks nice. eh not a fan of unexpected audio though :smiley:


Nice. Love the use of the sound clip! Is “Third List Group Item Heading” intentional? I noticed that when it is clicked, it takes you back to the top. But it is unexpected in the middle of the list. And it’s cool that you have a link to yourself. Well done!


Cool! Thank you, I’ll make sure to find time to mod it soon, as I’d like it to be more personal for sure!


Hehe!!! I was just wanting to freak people out with some weird HAL 9000 audio from 2001: A Space Odyssey



Nice!!! It’s because I need to give the links a value as they are still set at “#”, so thanks for letting me know!