Star Trek Tribute Page / Come criticize my homage to Riker!

I’m an amateur programmer who’s looking for criticism on my first tribute page. I’m just looking for criticism regarding the HTML/CSS syntax and structure. It’s quite silly and vulgar; I made it to entertain my buddy who is also a Star Trek fan. Thanks in advance for the replies!

Looks great!!! Love the space beard :smiley:
One thing is that i think you should utilize the CSS tab and separate it from the HTML. It would make it cleaner and easier to read. Also i think you can incorporate bootstrap so that your page would be responsive to various screen sizes.

other than that great job man, it is wonderful :grin:

Hey, thank you so much! Yea, I realized at the end of the project that I forgot to incorporate Bootstrap because I was having fun researching Riker and building the page haha. Appreciate the response! :smiley: