Start life over at 56

Any suggestions regarding this topic. I am 56. Never coded. Did the html and css and now busy with javascript algorithms and data structures on lesson 56. I am really battling trying to understand this. I understand pseudocode and algorythms. The problem I am having is that I struggle with the lesson assignment and putting it into practice.

Is 56 too old to start coding. I am aware that getting a job with coding at my age is pretty much out of the question. I lost everything in C19 and have to start over again.

Am I wasting my time (honest answers would be appreciated :smiley: )


hi there,
wasting time is something else.
Although not working as a paid pro in this genre, it is possible to see that stuff as a training for the brain.
The opportunities as an exxperienced human being are not seen at once.
There are a lot of things elderly people could recognise which is not possible for young beings due to lack of life experience.
And so on.
The trick behind it is to use the helpful tools when having learned the basics. Then this sort of work makes more fun and headaches getting lesser.
And of course you never should forget to live, whatever codes or tech wants from you.
This is just my subjective view.
Have a nice day.

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You don’t mention what your prior experience happens to be so it is hard to be helpful.
Even an 18 yr old who only knows html/css and some JavaScript would struggle to find a job ( at least in North America) with only these qualifications I believe.
Guessing now, but perhaps the sum of the parts of your experience may amount to something better.

I don’t think learning to code is ever a waste of time, whether you end up getting a job as a programmer or not. I started learning to code, here on freeCodeCamp, built up my condfidence with learning technology and… ended up working in IT (currently helpdesk/deskside/deplyment kind of stuff).

I suppose a key question to ask yourself is do you enjoy the coding process? If you do, then the worst that can happen is you’ve picked up an interesting hobby that helps keep you sharp as you pursue other things, and it may surprise you where it can lead.

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Thanks. I spent my entire adult life in aviation. Due to medical reasons, I am no longer capable of working in that specific industry. I also really enjoy js, even though I am really struggling.

Thanks for the responce <3

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I am 45. I too ask myself if it’s worth my time and effort but even if it doesn’t work out for me, I won’t have wasted thousands of dollars and years if study. Two years ago I got a job in a company where the average age seems to be 35. Everyone is just much younger than me. The interview panel were made up of people in their twenties. This ‘old man’ is the most productive and best worker in the department. I am fairly confident that I can get a developer job at age 46 and beyond. It will be challenging but not impossible. Wishing you much success!


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