Start new account but it linked with old one


About years ago I tried FreeCodeCapm, but because I studied in college I left my account.
and now I’m started FCC from scratch and with new account.
Yesterday I finished my Portfolio page and start JavaScript.
But today I noticed that my new account has linked with old and here isn’t my tribute page and I can’t add my Portfolio page.
Also when I’m entering my account here is showing

Stanislavas Goldyckis
Vilnius Lithuania
[ 250 ]
This camper has committed to giving $5 to Women Who Code each month until they have completed their Front End Development Certification.

Dose it mean that I owing 250$?
Yes I will donate 5$ every month but not at once 250$.

  • 250 is your number of brownie points
  • Donating is always 100% up to you. Thank you for supporting Women Who Code.
  • It sounds like you may have accidentally logged into your old account instead of your new one. This usually happens because a user created accounts with two different methods (email and GitHub, for example) which are both accessed with the same email address.
  • If you have a connected GitHub account, I recommend going to your settings and removing the FCC authorization to the old account.
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Thank you
Have done :slight_smile: