Start new job Monday - anyone have exp. with sage wp?

Anyone have experience or advice on using Sage WP theme?

I got my first job as a front end developer at the end of 2015. Started great but then felt the job was taking me backwards in my growth as the team was more procedural php / copy n paste/ no coding standards etc. Guys that had been working there 30 yrs. and had no desire to learn new things.

I left in June and start my 2nd front end job on Monday at a hot startup. Was told I’d be doing a lot of work with Sage WP theme. It looks great, modern workflow style starter theme but just how tough is it to get started with it and what should I focus on to be ready? At my previous job I didn’t utilize wordpress.

First, congratulations!

I’ve never heard of Sage, but I just googled it and it looks interesting. I might play with it.

I’d suggest if you don’t know PHP, to get a handle on basic PHP commands, functions, etc.
Spend some time at CODEX
Get familiar with theme development so you’ll know what files to touch, what functions you can use.

Install ampps on your Mac or Windows PC, so you can run your own local WP installation, install the theme and play with the files… (that way, you dont have to upload your theme on a dev server to see your changes, you can continually edit the php files in the theme directory and see the resulting changes quickly)

Thank you much appreciated.

Just checked out the links. Thanks so much for those.