Start with freecampcode Basic Html abd HTML5

I don’t no how to code in the editor. Someone help me please.
Thank you

The instruction are on the left-pane and you code your answer on the right-pane.

Can you link the question you are on? And elaborate exactly what you are having issues with

Thank you. The problem was my internet connection.
Thank you very much

sweet as honore, go hard

Yes thank you for your encouragements. I want to be a great developper in 3 monhs

good on ya, I wish you good luck

I have a problem with this chapter.
can you help me.

@honore237 If you have trouble with a specific challenge, please use the Ask for Help button located on the challenge. This create a forum post which includes all the code you have tried, a link to the challenge, and still allow you to ask specific questions you have about the challenge.

Assign Margin Property to your div element. The margin property should have a value of “auto”.

yeah mate, if you listen to @RandellDawson’s advice and study hard you will be a great developer alright.

Click the ‘Ask for help’ button on the challenge and try to explain how you are stuck. There are a lot of helpful people here

Also, have you solved your problem yet?

its too easy man. how can i help you?

Thanks you everyone i have resolved it