Start with javascript

im new here i don’t know to much about the site but i feel i can find someone who will start in JavaScript to study together , if anyone will start please replay.
and some help to understand the mechanism here in the site and how can i help and get help. thx

If you look around the forum or do a search of the forum using the magnifying glass at the top for “study partner” or something like that, you will see many existing threads on this topic. In reality, the forum is a large community of users who want to help others learn to code. You can start the FCC curriculum and always ask a question here on the forum and someone will respond fairly quickly to try and assist you.


I’ve started already and at the moment I’m working with the framework Meteor. Although I’m still a beginner. If you wan’t I can be one of your study partners :smile:

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Hi @maarf, you know I’m new here too but I want to help other people. I’m a JavaScript developer. If you are starting with JavaScript don’t start with frameworks like Meteor, start first with vanilla JS (pure JavaScript) so you can understand all the tricky parts of the language (and also practice your programming logic). Then create a small project for yourself with also vanilla JS and after you understand the hole behavior, start with libraries and frameworks. In that moment you should test lot of libraries and frameworks so you can choose the rigth one for you… But, take one that have lot of community too because you will need help learning the tools and sometimes their documentation is really bad.

I know this can sound a little “meeh” but I also started with frameworks a couple years ago and wasn’t the best choice.

Hey @ejas94, thanks for your advice.
I’m aware that I shouldn’t be working with frameworks at this moment, but my case is “kinda special”. I’m an intern in a company and they are testing me out. They develop mobile apps using Meteor/React Native, they give me these little projects to build. Right now I’m build a XLSX converter to XML. That’s the reason that I’m working with meteor, but when I’m not working in these projects, I’m studying vanilla JS. Thanks for your advice though :smiley:, but right now is something that I can’t “dodge” :frowning:. But I gotta admit, I’ve a learned a lot working with these frameworks, but yes, I have the feeling that I’m not learning the right away.

I’m studying with help of one book called “Eloquent javascript”. There is a version online free.


sure , how can we contact ?

Do you have discord? mine is maarf#7961
Twitter? mine is @xMaarf
Discord will probably better for stuff like this :slight_smile:


done, i sent you friend request on discord