Started A Youtube Channel

Hello Community,

To make sure I am committed to creating new projects everyday, I have started a YouTube channel where I will be daily posting content. Got inspiration from this video:

FCC How to start a youtube channel?

I have felt there are lot of channels that deals with programming intro and web development. Also, there are a lot of channels which deals with machine learning. I thought of merging these two and I have created this channel for the sole purpose of making web applications that are powered by machine learning.

Please do checkout the channel. I have just uploaded 2 videos as of now but many more to come in future.

Flask Playlist Link

Channel Link

Thank You.

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Cool. I am curious to see how it unfolds.
Wish you all the best.

(Maybe you could increase the audio quality a bit?)

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I’m replying because I am also interested and to keep this in my feed.

I also have to agree with the audio quality.

Best of luck; I ‘clicked the bell’ :slight_smile: