Started on my tribute page.. Nintendo fans might like it

just looking for feedback this is my 4th day using this course and learning this stuff and being creative at the same time can be a challenge. but its fun. only special features included are the mouse hovering tricks so see what you can find. there is only 2 lol. Nintendo fans i hope you enjoy.

well i wish i could just post a link because this minimized window is making it to where it cant be viewed the way i wish it could be if you wanna take the extra step to see it laid out at codepen my name is major4k and the title is Koji Kondo. Thank you guys

You mean this: ? Just post to different view :slight_smile:

And your .paragraph does nothing fancy. You can skip the class and just adress p in your stylesheet so you got less work.

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gotcha, makes sense. thank you. did you spot the 2 tricks?

Mouseover & mouseout? Yeah :smile_cat:
It’s a cool start. I think if you size your images a bit better so they don’t wander on different resolutions, it’ll look good. Because as for now the ‘Nitendo’ logo gets cut.

i see what your saying. Thanks for taking time to check it out and for your suggestions mate.