Starting 500 days coding challenge

First of all I want to apologize for my English, since it is my third language.
Small introduction
I’m an Italian guy, 23yrs old and I’m currently working in Malta, as a Sport Trader.
I work in a large company and I feel very happy, excellent managers and colleagues.
But i want more and more.
As Les Brown say : “it is time to leave my Comfort Zone”.

Have always been fascinated to how the web and the computers work , and even more to how the people make them work.

I don’t want to hurry and I want to understand everything deeply, so i decided to start with 500 days of code before to apply for any job, with at least 6 hours for day.
surely I will not only use freecodecamp as a resource but I will try to take a little of everything from all the online resources.

I felt to shared my little target with this big Group
already thanks those who will wish me good luck and who will help me in the coming days.

Maybe someone will say that it is impossible
6 hours a day for 500 days while working full time, but i like the word “Impossible”

While coding i promise to improve my english as well


Here are three of my favorite resources:

Of course, there a lot more though, like the freeCodeCamp guide (documentation again).


Don’t stop man, good luck!


good luck! :slight_smile:


That’s 3000 hours; you’ll be 1/3 of the way to becoming a master programmer in a little over a year. Best of luck to you.


I do 3,5 hours a day for about 130 days now. (not it the weekends) Good luck.

What do you want to create? A website? You have to have a goal. This makes also the learning more fun.

Otherwise you just learning but learning everything takes 100000000 hours.

Learning and making what you want to make will cost you maybe 500 days. :stuck_out_tongue:


I recommend taking weekends off in your studies. 6 hours a day for 500 straight days is a sure recipe for burnout.


Thank you very much for those tips :grinning:

Thank you guys
Appreciate it

Ehi after 130 days which Certification did you reach?
As i said i dont using only freecodecamp but even other resource like Udemy
Yes i have a very big goal, and i will work hard for take it

I will start to apply from the January 1st 2021 as mid developer
thats why i want take all the time that i need

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Good luck on your endeavor and please do come to forum whenever you can to motivate others and do let us know how it is going.
All the best :slight_smile:

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I ended javascript almost with a lot off d tours. How are you doing?

Haven’t gotten to javascript yet, is it difficult?

Hi @levimadji, still going strong? :stuck_out_tongue: