Starting a personal blog?

I’m trying to start a personal blog where I would write about my projects and experiences. Have managed to get started (kind of). Check it out.

Can anyone here point me in the right direction?
Like what kind of content would be engaging and how do I get people to actually start reading it?

The right direction to what? What is your goal? If you’re just looking to share your experiences, then start writing about them. What projects are you working on now? What challenges have they posed, and how did you overcome them? What advice can you offer to other people in similar positions? Writing a blog on Medium would be a much better way to gain readers, but having your own domain isn’t terrible. Just be honest and sincere.


TIP: Do not start a blog for the sake of Likes and viewers. Because you will be disappointed if you don’t get the traffic that you want, and then you’ll stop blogging. (You’ll be thinking what’s the point, nobody is reading my blog.)

So start a blog for yourself, whose aim is to only please yourself. Keeping track (for your own purposes) what you learned, etc… not for other people to read and like. That way, even if you didn’t get the traffic, you’ll continue doing this.

If you do write things that are interesting, and sharing stuff that will help other beginners, then maybe, just maybe your blog will attract like-minded people like yourself and build a following.