Starting a project

I’m trying a project own my own to learn by mu own mistakes. What I’m trying is a monthly expense report but I’m stuck on how to enter input data onto my table.
here’s my project
Please help

Hey there~!

To get you started, you have a couple of typos that are preventing anything from happening.

	var table = documentGetElementById("newBill");
	var row = table.insertRow(0);
	var cell1 = row.inserCell(0);
	var cell2 = row.insertCell(1);
	var cell3 = row.inserdtCell(2);

These are lines 24-28.
Line 24: documentGetElementById isn’t correct.
Line 26: row.inserCell isn’t correct.
Line 28: row.inserdtCell isn’t correct.

Once you fix these typos, you’ll start to see some errors in the console when you try adding a bill. These errors should help guide you in the right direction :slightly_smiling_face:

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