Starting a side project or challenge

hey campers,
new to code camp and was wondering what is the best way to start a challenge or side project for free code camp to start earning certifications. Loving the coding module and am starting off in the html and css category and am almost finish with it. Any help or feed back would help. Thanks campers.
Happy coding.

For the challenges, there’s often links to relevant bits of documentation on sites like MDN. Reading those should suggest an angle of attack. Beyond that, just trial-and-error your way through it.

The projects can be overwhelming, but it’s just about breaking down the requirements into things you already know how to do–or can figure out how to do. I was referencing MDN and W3Schools constantly for the first few projects.

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thanls man. when you say mdn what do you mean

Mdn is a documentation for html, css and JavaScript which shows you the use and the syntax of many of the elements. This help with research if you get stuck doing something you want.

having a dificukt time just getting off the ground with the tribute page callenge. Learning how to use the code pen site is difficult. Any help helps

Like anything, it’s about working on one problem at a time. What is your most pressing challenge with code pen at the moment? A suggestion. Rather than starting the profile project, maybe you can just experiment with code pen to get a feel for the environment. For example, make an unordered list. Style it. Using CSS move it around the page using fixed and absolute positioning. Take your time.

i think the main thing is just working with code pen and not seeing it in a web browser like they have it in code camp. But Im almost considering working in note pad just to see how that works. And its almost like Im freezing up just with list of the first project. Help.

Give this site a shot. I really like it.,output