Starting Code Help

Hey, so I’m fairly new at coding and this whole format. I just got through Responsive Web Design. On the Tribute project. I understand HTML, and CSS fairly well now. Where my biggest hangup is, is starting. This has probably been covered before. How would you suggest starting a new webpage? Such as starting with <!DOCTYPE> or ? Once I have the general layout the rest comes easy-ish. Its just getting that layout. Any tips?

If you’re using CodePen, you don’t need to worry about the setup stuff. Just put HTML in the HTML box and CSS in the CSS box.

Start simple. First try to get the skeleton of the website. Then start adding content, styling, bells, whistles, etc. Be patient with yourself and try to do one thing at a time.

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Thank you, I tend to way over complicate things. I’m noticing in my head, especially with code. Don’t think certain things should be as basic as they are.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed and psych yourself out. It happens to us all.

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