Starting HTML5 tutorial - where is the browser referred to?

In doing the tutorial on HTLM5, there is a text editor, but nothing shows a web page corresponding to the code I am writing (and being tested on). Yet there is this statement:

“Due to browser implementation differences, you may need to be at 100% zoom to pass the tests on this challenge.”

This is a little confusing. There does not appear to be any browser which interprets the code I am writing. If I want to view the web page, I need to copy the text to my own text editor, save it as a file, and open the file in another page of my browser. Am I supposed to set the zoom on the browser I am using for the tutorial?

What am I missing?

Thank you

Steve Brawer

It’s talking about the browser you are using to access Free Code Camp. Some people have their browsers zoomed in or out to help them see. In the case of this one challenge, that can cause tests to fail.

You can change the size of your text (zoom)… In firefox, Ctrl + and Ctrl -
It’s saying you need to be at default zoom. (firefox Ctrl 0) (edge and chrome goto the “…” menus and you will see it)


It looks to me that I am having a similiar issue. I am not zoomed in or out I made sure that my browser zoom is set to 100% but I still can’t seem to pass this one lesson. Believe my code is correct and this is the only askew piece. Any suggestions?

Never mind figured it out; Free code camp wants it zoomed out to 0% to pass the lesson. Thanks Dave for the hint.