Starting JavaScript Today | Need Your ADVICE |

Hi there!

Yesterday I completed the RWD course and about to start learning Javascript.

I am writing this post to ask you all for any advice or suggestions that I should follow which will make my learning simple and can help me to grasp the concepts easily.

Thank you.

be patient, do not be afraid to ask for help, don’t content yourself of finding an answer so you can move on, make sure you understand the topic at hand

also, you do not need to learn by memory all the methods, go back to previous lessons as much as you need for the syntax -learn to use the stuff

also, there is no magic trick to make a programming language simple, it’s hard. Just keep moving forward.


It’s not all easy material, and there is no way to make it easy. Understand that what you’re learning is difficult and be patient with yourself. Remember that it is an expected part of your education that you will have to look stuff up, do research, and ask for help.

  1. Read the documentation, read the documentation, read the documentation …

  2. Probably any problem you may encounter has been already resolved by someone else so google before asking.

  3. Some concepts are challenging to grasp. Take frequent breaks when you feel stuck. For me often, having my eyes away from the screen helps a lot. Go for a run or do something trivial while thinking at the problem. This can help.

  4. Don’t give up. If you are stuck and feel defeated/exhausted/frustrated, call it a day and pick up the next day with a fresh mind.

  5. Have a cup of coffee and read some more documentation.
    Here is recent and relevant stuff

The most important advice I could give to someone is to understand that no one source of information is exhaustive and enough. To be able to progress you need to absorb as much as possible from most recent and relevant of the sources.

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Hi @junaidshaikh_js!

You have already received a lot of great advice. The only thing I will add is that this is your first programming language. So it is important to remember that not only are you learning javascript but you are also learning programming basics for the first time.

Like the others said, take your time because once you learn the basics and practice then you will be able to learn other programming languages too.

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