Starting my coding endevour

I’ve been working in the service industry for the past 6 years and have decided it’s time to move on to something else and figured coding might be that something else. Reading through a few of the posts on this forum has motivated me a bit and I’m hoping to use this post as a reference point to whatever progress I’ll have done. I’m hoping to spend at least 3-5 hrs (and more as I become more proficient) every day to keep my memory fresh and have gone so far as to significantly reduce my leisure time to make that even more possible. Thanks to everyone in the community and hope this goes well :+1:


Good luck on your journey :slight_smile:

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One thing that really helped is to actually see the coding learning time as leisure as well. Its quite fun to go thru the lessons and also get involved in other projects and see how things progress! Good luck and keep us posted!

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Nice post. a great initiative has been taken to go on with it.

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I find myself reading posts like this for inspiration between study sessions. Keep it up!