Starting Over in 2021

I am hoping to start my programming career over after a long absence working in the Developmental Disabilities field. I am currently unemployed and hope to build a portfolio of work that will incorporate web skills, data analysis skills, and machine learning into one awesome website.

It’s scary starting over, especially when you have nothing, but I hope that we can come out of this pandemic stronger as a global society and economy.

I am removing my degrees from my resume and will use my work from now on. It is good to be here.


Welcome, Abby! Starting over is scary, but if you can work in the Developmental Disabilities field you can certainly do this.


I wouldn’t remove your degrees from your resume. Continue moving forward, rather than erasing your work and education history.

We should be able to help you as you get started on web development. Data analysis and machine learning are both specialized fields that require a lot of math, but you might still get lucky and find that someone in our community has experience in those areas. We can, at the least, offer emotional support.


I have a masters in Healthcare Data Analytics, but by itself, it doesn’t seem very marketable so I am coming here to learn front end to make it more useful :slight_smile:

Starting over is scary. In my case it’s taking several restarts as I try to get things to fall into place. There ain’t no rest for the wicked! :grin:

I will pass along the advice the career placement people at my tech school gave me: keep your degrees on your resume, along with your past work experience. It gives people a sense of who you are and what transferrable skills you bring to a job., and distinguishes you from other applicants / contractors. You will probably want to summarize that experience with an eye to what applies to development jobs, but it has real value, so don’t hide it!

Best of luck, here at FCC and beyond! :grinning:


Hey Abby,

your degree is very marketable.

Have a look at these two stories:

  1. Hey, there is this Abby. I don’t know anything about here.
  2. Hey, there is this Abby. She achieved do get a Master in Healthcare and created some valuable career capital in this field. She probably has a lot of expertise and domain knowledge in this field! Then she decided to master a new field and started X.

A degree in Healthcare Data Analytics is excellent.
I will suggest not to hide your degree and education
in the resume. Yes, it is scary to start but I am sure you
will do it.

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Welcome Abby! I think you shouldn’t hide your degree from your resume. It’s definitely an achievement that people don’t get to include in theirs. There will be companies who see that you have experience or knowledge in that field and maybe one day such company needs to hire a front-end dev like yourself! Cheers and good luck :grin:

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It is called Health and Life Science Analytics, and doesn’t get past the resume parsers. If I hadn’t gone through the program, I would have no idea what it was.

If you had to do statistics for that degree then that gives you a leg up in data science. My nephew has a bachelor’s in psychology and most people I know in the field couldn’t work without at least a masters. He had lots of statistics classes and training on how to construct survey questions. I told him he should redo all his R projects in Python and get into data science. He has a good foundation and doesn’t realize it. You probably do too.
Check out Danny Thompson from Memphis. He goes by DThompsondev in most places. He’s got some awesome videos on using LinkedIn. You could explain the benefits of your degree as applied to web dev or data science and with some warm contacts from there you don’t have to pass the resume parser.

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Keep your degree on your cv/resume regardless of the job you’re applying to.

You completed a degree, be proud of it, put it on your cv.

I’ve completed 3 lol. And I can’t even get Burger King to call me back.

I wouldn’t remove your degrees from your resume. I understand frustration, but adding adding time gaps and removing credentials will just make it all the harder to get hired.

It was all statistics, but it was 3 years ago. I brush up every now and then and really enjoy it. I am hoping that some front-end work can help me build a statistical tool product that people would enjoy.

I really appreciate everyone here being so supportive. It’s going very well with Javascript right now.