Starting point ? argh

I keep wanting to start learning something profitable in skillset , that is interesting and I’ve not really found a good jumping on point in attempting to learn.
Admittedly i lack certain functional equipment i have a refurb ipad pro gen1.
I saw the story of the 12yr and learning Java and the idea within w3 seem interesting as an illustrative artist in general.
I can read and edit html , some css. A skill i lacked was application , i was better at hacking code stuff like myspace way back when but i was next to useless on actually developing a webpage design unless just modifying something already existing.

I keep trying to start from the start and it’s just so redundant on the lil but i do know i get bored rather quickly.

I’ve tried grasshopper and solo and few others I’m not really sure where and what to start with that will keep my interest up while not being overly basic.

You can try the freecodecamp curriculum: just jump to the projects. you need the five certification projects to be able to claim a cert, try doing them and if you are missing something Google for it or go through the related part of the curriculum.
The responsive web design cert is html/css, so I suggest just do the projects

The following ones should be new for you , and there maybe doing all the challenges would be beneficial

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