Starting problems with JavaScript

So i started my coding-journey end of january and got my responsive web design certification 2 weeks ago. then i dived into javascript about 3 days ago…

I’m still at the first lesson and find it quiet hard to get what i’m really learning, to make connections between the strings, arrays, etc. and i’m really struggling to learn compared to HTML/CSS.

How’s this course been for you? was it similar and if yes, did it get any better by a later point? was it a constant struggle or how was your experience?

HTML and CSS are markup languages and are relatively straightforward.

Javascript is a scripting language and is much more involved, as it deals with logic, algorithms and manipulating different forms of data.

It can be tough to get your head around at first, but it’s really interesting and rewarding and is worth the effort if you can stick at it!


You think it will get easier with times? i’d love to learn more and i will. but its quiet hard atm

The more work you work with it the more things will make sense. However, its not something that will happen in the first week or the first month

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Yea, i believe this aswell.
But did you do the certification then i guess? Did you understand straight away what you’ve been doing?

I personally havent gone through the curriculum. I have been working as a professional developer for over two years now. When I first started learning to code though JavaScript was a struggle for me for sure. I had to spend more time focusing on it than other areas. It just takes time and practice to get the hang of and understand. Also, depends on how much effort you are willing to put in to consistently work on getting better


@ilinio I am not a professional, at least not yet! However, I have been working through the curriculum here for some time now and have completed all of the legacy Javascript certifications. I’m not especially familiar with the new (beta) JS certification but - from what I’ve seen of it - it looks like a solid foundation course which immediately teaches you how Javascript integrates with what you’ve learned so far of HTML and CSS.

Stick with it and, anytime you’re stuck, there are plenty of people here ready to assist!

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Yea thanks mate, that helped morally :slight_smile:

The main thing is that the JS is just in english with no german translation yet. I’m pretty good at english, but to learn a new language with the tasks being in english is a bit harder than expected, as it is hard to understand in german already.

Anyway, thanks also for your advice. I’ll surely gonna continue, as i don’t like to start something and not finish it :wink:

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