Starting Responsive Web Design projects but feel like I don't remember basics

I’m starting the “Build a Tribute Page” assignment on CodePen, and I don’t remember the exact structure of all the different tags. I have a general idea, but small things like head vs header and when to use that or title are details that bog me down. Had to use this website to help me.

Anyone else feel this way?

No, you’re the first person to feel confused at this point. Oh wait, no, the opposite of that, everyone feels this way at this point.

It’s a big jump to go from the challenges to the first projects. Don’t worry about perfection. Google things if you have to. Just build something that meets the user stories. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

No developer can remember everything. It’s more important to remember the basics and know what is possible and know where to find the answer. And as time goes on, more of it will stick. Just keep moving forward and remember that Google is your friend. And ask the forum if you get stuck.

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Do people take quick notes on the gist of important modules? I feel like that could help, but idk if it’s the most time effective.

I didn’t really take “notes” notes, like in school, other than a list of things I wanted to learn better, but if it works for you, go for it.