Starting the Responsive Web Design Projects on FCC, but I need more practice

So I’ve finished the challenges for Responsive Web Design on FCC, but I feel like I need more practice with HTML/CSS before I continue going further. I’m looking into a study group and/or doing practice exercises online. If you guys know any sites with good beginner practice problems in HTML/CSS and/or any study groups for people like me, let me know ASAP :slight_smile: Thank you for taking the time to read this!

Working on the projects is actually one of the best ways of advancing your knowledge and building your confidence. It gives you the opportunity to put your knowledge into practice and develop your problem solving skills (very important in coding).
I recommend start building web pages straight away. Even after ten years of practice, you might still feel you need to practice more. That feeling never goes away.
However if you need free structured course like the one of FCC, try the following

Take note i haven’t taken any of these courses. You can look at them and decide which one fits your learning style.

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doing the tribute page is a beginner practice exercise

it requires really simple html and css

but also that you learn to use the tests
(include the test suite in your project. now and then run the tests, click the number of passing tests, and check below the failing ones the reason of why they are failing - sometimes there is more than one reason but it shows only one at a time so you may need to check multiple times before being able to fix all the reasons)

if you don’t remember something (like, how to make an image?), you can always review the lessons or google stuff or find a documentation website you like to consult

it’s putting stuff to practice that you learn

you arrived here, don’t start again from the beginning

and you can also always ask for help you get stuck and don’t know what to do

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You just need to go and do projects. You will never be ‘ready’. In work environment noone will be asking you wether you are ready or not. Your team leader is just gonna come up to you one day and say, that they need this Gatsby lander site done like yesterday. Noone cares you dont know Gatsby. noone will care wether you are ‘ready’ , you just go and start doing it.

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