Starting the search

Hey all, I’m here for some advice (as you can imagine) and to take a breather from d3. My story is pretty typical: age 31, used to have a career, career took a dive, moved around a bit, then things get a little less than typical.
So I was working at a refinery in NJ making OK money and hating life. My long time gf’s contract was up in NYC and it was time for a change for us both. She decided to take a job that turned us into ‘digital nomads’ ( i kinda dont like that term) but lets just say we move about every 3-5 months.
So we fast forward, after 6 months the savings is running extremely low and its obviously time for some income. The traveling part of our new life is awesome. I’ve met programmers from all over who have helped me with some of my projects, given advice on job hunting, evaluated my experience etc. But again, no money is a problem when plane tickets are required for the next site.
advice section Is it realistic for one to look for remote jobs as their entry into the field?
Granted, Thailand is where we are running off to in February so I guess worst case I could get a job that could transition into a remote position.

Remote jobs are harder to find, especially as an entry-level developer, and probably more competitive to get. They do exist though.

I’ve found a few resources for remote jobs. Keep those fingers crossed for me though!