Starting to learn how to code

Hi, I am Lea.
This is the second year of my architecture degree. I have a research on my study, and this one need me to code which I eager to learn.

My question is what do I need to learn? and where do I begin?

The case I want to solve, is how to generate these new series of numbers and characters base on the previous data and input as shown as example below. And the new generate series of numbers and characters will be repeat until nothing left, but it won’t generate the same value.

It’s not 100% clear what you want, but it sounds like a pretty trivial coding problem. Most basic/intermediate programmers shouldn’t have a problem with it.

Have you already started on a programming language? Just about any true programming language would work well with this. We teach JavaScript here, but if you’ve already started in a language, it will probably work fine.

FYI: I know there is programming language Java, C, C++ etc. But I’m not learning any of them. I came to this forum because I was searching for “beginner coding forum” on google and found this one.

Right now I just want to start learning programming language, but don’t know where to start.
Is there any suggestion where should I start to solve my case above?

I know it’s pretty damn trivial problem with you, but means a lot for me. Thank you

Hello Lea.
I think any programming language will be Ok to solve this problem, Python, JS, etc.
Basically you can start to learn these three things:

  1. How to define variables: Defining variables is of great help to problem solving. Also, when you are doing computations, you will need to store values.
  2. Loops: You can solve this problem by means of an iteration.
  3. Conditionals: Learn to use them, they are the core of problem solving.
    By the moment I think these 3 are a very good start. Regarding your problem, if you learn these very well, you probably will get the satisfactory answer you are searching off.
    Happy coding and good luck in your studies.
    Best Wishes

Hello, thank you very much for identifying my problem. It’s really help me,
I’ll post here to let you now when I have solve this.

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I’m not a big fan of “learning just enough to solve the problem”. If that’s all you need, then you could easily find someone at the uni with some programming experience to whip this out.

But if you want to learn how to do this, the FCC section on JS and algorithms will give you what you need. Heck - you’d probably figure it out before you finished the section - again, this does not sound like a complicated thing.


Hello it’s been a month since my post here.
Since then I tried to learn few programming language. But found Python is more easier for me to learn, but nonetheless imo learn JS is help me alot when jump to Python.

here’s my result write in Python.

#input the first 3 lines
S1 = “©Σ≤0123JKLMN” #@param {type:“string”}
S2 = “5678ABCDE®µβ” #@param {type:“string”}
S3 = “≥αؽ∞≠∆±49FO” #@param {type:“string”}
#Check the lenght of input characters 12 digits
assert len(S1) == 12
assert len(S2) == 12
assert len(S3) == 12
#empty variabel for the list
#put the first 3 lines to empty variabel
#set index value to 0
#print the first 3 lines
for s in S:
print(“S”+ str(n) + " : " + s)
#set new index to 0
while i > -1:
#create new line
#checking if the new line already on existing list
if St in S:
#if it’s there check which line
index_duplicate=S.index(St) +1
#print information
print(“the next line S”+str(i+4)+ " “+ St+ " equal to S”, index_duplicate, " :" , St)
#if the new line not in the existing list add new line to the list
#push up index
#print result
print(“S”+ str(i+3) + " : " + St)

But then when I submit the project, my professor then challenged me that I need to get the all possible result from the 3 input which mean 12**3 = 1728 line result.
Till this point I think to get the result above I might skip some important part.

Hope you all can give me a direction where I missed.

What on my mind right now is to get the result I need to break the operation when the new result/line already exist 100 times in a row.

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