Starting virtual server not work tutorial Relational Database

Hi, the virtual server is not function wend I try into to topic World Cup Database, in the other hand, in the topic Learn Advanced Bash by Building a Kitty Ipsum Translator the command line is not function correctly. It doesn’t recognize the correct commands.
Please I need you support to continue my study, thanks.

I will say when I was taking the Relational Database courses I regularly ran into Virtual Machine issues. Mainly if I exited and tried to immediately re-enter it would seem to hang the Virtual Machine, and I would just have to come back later. The answer to the VM issues might just be to try again later.

Regarding the command issues you’re having in the bash shell, could you take a screenshot of what and where you’re typing and what error you are seeing?

I let you a capture about problem with command in the
tutorial as before I said.

Yeah, that appears to be correct… I’m wondering what the contents of your kitty_info.txt file shows… if you previously entered incorrectly you might have added a bunch of incorrect lines which might be why the test is failing if its checking the file contents.

Could you show the contents of the kitty_info.txt file and share a screenshot of that output(might as well make this a learning experience)?


ENTER: cat kitty_info.txt - that should output the file contents

You may need to expand your terminal window to show the full file:

Hi, thanks for you support, that is the content my
The same behaivor it has in the topic Learn Bash and SQL by Building a Bike Rental Shop.

This platform is crazy. Now my kitty_info.txt show that…

Wend I delete those lines from "Number of cat, cats… " to “Number of lines” and execute the command echo for writer in the file that not working… I can’t continue with the tutorial…

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