Startups = Website Builder + Wordpress v/s must know programming = successful Company

Pleasure talking to you. I have this simple doubt in my mind.

Why shall Company’s founder or CEO should know how to code?Why is it important for startups to know how to code?

There are number of website builder plans, which offers very affordable price for creating a website. Also, there is wordpress site and plugins available. Go daddy one website cost is - 20$ for a year.

For a startup they need to show their product (generally a website) to everyone for a period of 6 months to 1 years so as to get into market and raise funding from investors (assuming idea is good). But once, they raise funding then they can have the entire technical team being hired doing all those coding work.

And the CEO rather then learning coding can focus on how to market and sell the product. If someone wants to learn as a hobby then thats perfect. But,

Why he should know how to code???

Please give the best answer you think will all together change my opinion. And I will first learn to code and then start a company. If you think it so.

Well, I don’t think that a CEO should know how to code in any case. But if you are founding a tech startup, it would help a lot. You propably want to leave all the dirty work to your CTO (technical cofounder), but mostly in the early stages it would be better if you’re able to understand which kind of problems your developers and CTO face every day (e.g. when you want a new feature release, that you think would be easy to obtain, but in reality it is not).

But then why people say it is important to learn to code. Please don’t take it otherwise and thanks for your reply. But I need some driving force that force me to learn to code no matter what happens, but when I come across these things, i feel like why then to learn programming?

People say many things! You can learn to code for whatever reason you want, but nobody can help you find the right motivation, if you don’t want to… The thing is, if your goal is to found a (tech) company and your product will be a software it could be very helpful (but not necessary) to know how to build such a product. Otherwise you could have other reasons that are not related to business and job (e.g. you find software development funny/interesting, you are curious about how it works, you want to improve your problem solving skills, etc…)

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I’ll assume when you use the term startup, you mean a tech startup and not just a physical shop that sells cupcakes or whatever.

The CEO doesn’t need to know how to code, but the CTO certainly does. A tech startup needs both someone to run the business and someone to make the product. That said, CEOs who know how to code, even at a surface level, will be able to make better business decisions based on what s/he knows the technical side of the team is and is not capable of. CEOs who really know how to code can start their company and play both roles. Why hunt for a CTO when you can be both?

And what if that product is the website/application? You likely aren’t going to use a website builder and Wordpress to build a super successful SaaS application. Not saying it isn’t possible, but if it’s easy to make with those tools, then why would anyone pay to use your application? They could build their own version for free.

3 reasons;

  1. It’s a startup, all hands on deck… not much room or capital for overhead at the early stages.
  2. Not getting ripped off by the staff. If you are a non-tech CEO in a tech firm, jobs could be milked way longer than needed, particularly if you are sourcing out the work.
  3. You are the face of the company. Can’t argue the success of both, but even the technical press has more respect for a coder like Bill Gates than they did for showman Steve Jobs (and it wasn’t like he was clueless, he coded breakout with Wozniak back in the Atari days)