Statistic [ MySQL,PHP]


I have an “statistic” page (Many statistic;Number of user’s by country,by age etc,etc.)

I load all from MySQL database,my questions is:
-Is possible to “save” it so that I don’t load new statistic every time when user enter on statistic page.
For example is possible to make it that it load only every 1 hour from mysql,and than save it somewhere…I don’t know how people make it.And set on end of page: Last Updated on 11.8 18:00

My page load in 0,5 seconds max,so it’s not really important for me.But i want to learn it and i want to know how I can make it. (If there is any tutorial or something like that…I don’t know what’s name of it…)

Sorry for my English.

What do you mean by save? save what?

do that with python?

I believe the OP is using PHP as reflected in the topic title.