Status Dec. 5, 2019

  • edited and published a long article about contributing to open source on WeChat
  • introduced new authors to Chinese News
  • talked with two contributors who helped translate video subtitles
  • continued to upload Python video subtitles
  • will meet with Quincy in two hours talking about Chinese community progress

Hello Miyaliu,

Is that, WeChat uses Open Source or are you posting Moments on WeChat about open source?

  • Reviewed and edited some articles
  • Responded to emails
  • Met with Quincy re SEO, publication, articles, email blast, etc
  • Added some posts to buffer
  • Spent time on Forum
  • Practiced keyword research/headline creation
  • Went through twitter

Ah I published a guide article on freeCodeCamp’s official WeChat account, helping people learn how to contribute to Open Source.

It’s like this if you’re curious

WeChat itself is not open source.

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  • Met with contributor about the Flexbox Photo Gallery Project
  • Reviewed Mean-Variance-Standard Python Certification Project prototype
  • Finished the Sudoku Solver and tests on Glitch. Asked @beaucarnes for a review
  • Posted comments on project curriculum issues and reviewed new prototype draft for the Basic Algorithms News Feed project