Status Nov 20, 2019

Today has been a super productive day.

First of all, Mrugesh finished his work getting our updated donate page live. I’m going to sleep early so I can wake up fresh and finish the article announcing the new features. The article will also explain how supporters can do things like:

  • Create a new donation
  • Stop a recurring donation
  • View your donation history
  • Update your credit card information
  • Change the amount of your current recurring donation
  • And download all of your donation receipts so you can deduct them from your taxes

I will also finalize our “support freeCodeCamp” message that will show up at the end of each article during the remainder of the holiday season (similar to how The Guardian’s message).

Finally, I got completely caught up on my personal email, Twitter DMs, and Forum DMs.


I edited two long articles on News, and pulished them on WeChat and Forum. I talked with two new contributors. They’ll help editing WeChat articles and translating the second half of 1000+ New tags. The video translation goes well. We’ve got some feedback from the audience. I’m updating them.

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  • Continued investigation on forum outage
  • Fixed multiple issues on the donate page UI
  • Updated Chinese forum to latest update
  • Updated WWW forum to latest update
  • Evaluated about 50 new author applications
  • Reviewed new articles/made edits and prepped for buffer
  • Went through GA and added new top articles to list
  • Prepped posts and loaded those new top articles into buffer
  • Posted to Instagram and went through twitter notifications
  • Continued working on the discourse UI
  • modified the donation UI
  • Updated the news UI