Staying on task

Do you ever have days were you just cannot focus? How do you overcome this?

Yes, more that once i felt brain-engulfed ^^
How do i overcome that? Doing other stuff! Relax your brain and then you will be a lot more productive; furthermore you will recall at your mind things you’ve learned a couple of days before, and this will imprint those things deeper in your mind ^^
Obviously it’s just an opinion, hope it will be helpful ::slight_smile:


This help fix a lot from your emotional state

I step away from my laptop completely and go and grab a drink or something.

A complete and total shift in focus away from code helps me filter all the things swimming around my brain and I wait for the ‘eureka’ moment to return, which may not be the same day.

That works for me as I’m learning to code at home, but accept its not always as easy if you’re coding in a working environment.

Either way, thinking/doing something else works for me as a way to calm the chaos