Step 13 Code Does Not Reqest Code Clearly

The description for the code requirement does not mention an assignment variable for the result of the text.fin() call. Thus it is not functional.
I have been programming since 1978 and your fragment does not make sense.

Can you help please, since you have a rigid code acceptability regime.

What Step 13 are you talking about? There are many Steps 13s. Please post a link to the Step

I couldn’t find any mention of text.fin on a Step 13?

Are you talking about this Step?

At the end of your code, call .find() on your alphabet string and pass text[0] to the method. Note that a method is just a function that belongs to an object (you will learn more about that in another project).

You need to call the .find() method on the variable alphabet with the argument text[0]. No variable to store the result in is being requested.

Some steps are in-between steps, and won’t result in a final line of code.

In this case it’s still correct syntax, even if the result isn’t used or assigned anywhere. (Assuming you are talking about text.find() as @JeremyLT suggests.

In this case the test is just to call a method on a text object. That’s just a first step in learning to call methods.

Yes got that the wording was a little vague re: the moving of the letters. Understand the use of param passing to functions.
And someone else was looking for text.fin(), which is a typo which nearly ever person would realise.
Thanks for your time. The spec really looked like it was setting up for a rotation cypher, which is probably later. (Problem, dodgy typist).