Step 138 Build a Role Playing Game

Step 138

In the locations array, add another object at the end. Set the name property to lose, set button text to an array with three REPLAY? strings, set button functions to an array with three restart variables, and set text to You die. :skull_and_crossbones:. You can copy that text to use the emote.

My code so far:

name: “lose”,
“button text”: [“REPLAY?”, “REPLAY?”, “REPLAY?”],
“button functions”: [restart, restart, restart],
text: “You die. //the emoji goes here//”

Now I know I SHOULD be able to copy and paste the emoji, but I can’t. I right click and can copy the emoji, but when I right click to paste it, there is no option to paste.

Hello @veritegreeneyes2000 !

Try using control and v at the same time to paste it.

Wishing you good progress!

Thank You! I’m coming to the conclusion I may not be smart enough to do this, lol

No worries. We all have our moments where our brain takes a bit of a break on us.

That is why this community is such a great resource.

Wishing much more good progress @veritegreeneyes2000 !

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