Step 16 from New responsive web design course

This is my code so far.
Enter Your First Name: <input type:“text” />
Enter Your Last Name: <input type:“text” />
Enter Your Email: <input type:“email” />
Create a New Password: <input type:“password” />

This is what I am trying to do:
Step 16 from New responsive web design course
Give the first two input elements a type attribute of text, the third a type attribute of email, and the fourth a type attribute of password.

This is the problem that I am having:
You should give the third input element a type attribute of email.

Hello @Ash6 , welcome, you can post your code using </> button in the editor, when you click on this button without typing anything, it will create three backtics on one line and three on another line then you have to paste your code in between them

or you can also post your code using Ask for Help from instuctions page when your code does not pass it will appear

I just recently struggled with this same issue.
It’s important to remember to use an “=” sign rather than a ":"sign.
Learn as we go-best way to do it.
Hope this helps!

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