Step 18 in Learn CSS Flexbox by Building a Photo Gallery

Hey all! I’m a bit stuck and hope one of you could assist.

Below are the instructions given but the editor is not accepting the code. I’ve reset and redone the step, closed the tab and retried, removed cookies from browser and attempted it again, but it still won’t pass the test. Any suggestions on what to do?

"Step 18

Your images need some space between them.

The gap CSS shorthand property sets the gaps, also knowns as gutters, between rows and columns. The gap property and its row-gap and column-gap sub-properties provide this functionality for flex, grid, and multi-column layout. You apply the property to the container element.

Give your .gallery flex container a gap property with 16px as the value."

Relevant part of the written code: (.css file)

.gallery {
  display: flex;
  flex-direction: row;
  flex-wrap: wrap;
  justify-content: center;
  align-items: center;
  max-width: 1400px;
  margin: 0 auto;
  padding: 20px 10px; 
  gap: 16px; /* not accepted */

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To answer your query: Your code passes on my end.

Be sure to use an updated browser, and make sure you have no browser extensions enabled with access to

Hope this helps

Thank you for your time and assistance.

I appreciate the tips :slight_smile:

Wishing you a wonderful day further!

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