Step 37 picasso painting

Hi! How can I add another font awesome icon to my page. I know that It’s not needed at this time, But if I need to add another icon, How can I do that? beacuse I tried to put another icon to practice and it didn’t show up!

please show us the code you tried.

I went to font awesome page and select an icon user code. This is the code:
<i class="fa-thin fa-user"></i>
I pasted it in the code, in order to see the icon, but it doesn’t work. I think there should be a problem with some link at the beginning of the page or something is missing. I don’t know what is the problem here! What is the right way to do that?

did you do anything initially to setup the font awesome library/kit?

steps here:


Thank you very MUCH. I haven’t realized this is an important thing. I didn’t know it. Thank you!

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