Step 61- cat photo radio button confusion

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in my code the lesson is telling me the first radio button is not checked.

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the issue i’m struggling with is that the value works on the test page. 1. the checked attribute is last read on the code line inside the 1st radio button. 2. there is a space between it and all other attributes.

my question:

is there a reason that i can apply to explain why im unable to proceed?.
Or a value in the code line ive missed?. thank you to those who attempted to help previously.

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  <legend>Is your cat an indoor or outdoor cat? </legend>
        <input -id="indoor" type="radio" name="indoor-outdoor" 
          value="indoor" checked >
       <input id="outdoor" type="radio" name="indoor-outdoor" 

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looks like it’s missing a space on the first radio

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there are some > missing, and you have a - before id="indoor" that should not be there