Step 63 The typography of heading elements (e.g. h1, h2) is set by default values of users' browsers. Add two new type selectors (h1 and h2). Use the font-size

.h1, .h2 {
font-size: 40px, 30px;

can anyone explain.
i have not been able to get this

Hey man, you should try to put your questions in the right category, this would fall into HTML discussions!

Your title should probably be a more general question and the step info included in the description. For example the question could be “Heading typographies”.

I’m not sure what you want to get explained, try being more specific!

font-size- accepts only one value.

this is a selector list, and you are selecting elements that have the class h1 or the class h2. THe type selector targets the h1 elements or the h2 element instead.

if you have to create two selectors, you need an other one.

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Thank you.

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