Step 78: footer element

Step 78:
Next you are going to be styling the footer element. To keep the CSS organized, add a comment at the end of styles.css with the text FOOTER .

can someone explain to me what i need to do here? never learned how to add comments into it.

If the curriculum has never taught about CSS comments up to this point then I agree, it should probably be made clear here. But you can always use the googles to search for “CSS comments”.

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yeah, googled it and got it right away. thanks for tip, feel pretty dumb now lol.


yeah :slightly_smiling_face: try searching

ur not dumb lol we were all here

Don’t feel dumb. This is a learning site, so it should probably introduce a new concept with an example (assuming it hasn’t already). The only reason I told you to search instead of just giving you the answer is because that’s a valuable skill you need to develop if you want to be good at this stuff. I’ll let you in on a secret. Web development (and programming in general) is about 25% actual typing on a keyboard (and that may be an overestimate) and the rest is either thinking about how to do something or researching online.

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yes, you guy’s are right.
thanks for the tips and understanding.