Step 78: footer element

Step 78:
Next you are going to be styling the footer element. To keep the CSS organized, add a comment at the end of styles.css with the text FOOTER .

can someone explain to me what i need to do here? never learned how to add comments into it.

If the curriculum has never taught about CSS comments up to this point then I agree, it should probably be made clear here. But you can always use the googles to search for “CSS comments”.

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yeah, googled it and got it right away. thanks for tip, feel pretty dumb now lol.


yeah :slightly_smiling_face: try searching

ur not dumb lol we were all here

Don’t feel dumb. This is a learning site, so it should probably introduce a new concept with an example (assuming it hasn’t already). The only reason I told you to search instead of just giving you the answer is because that’s a valuable skill you need to develop if you want to be good at this stuff. I’ll let you in on a secret. Web development (and programming in general) is about 25% actual typing on a keyboard (and that may be an overestimate) and the rest is either thinking about how to do something or researching online.

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yes, you guy’s are right.
thanks for the tips and understanding.

they did cover it, but it was at the beginng
this is how you do it.

why people just dont want to answer directly :rofl:


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Because we don’t post code solutions in here. We try to guide people to figure out the answers for themselves.

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