Step 81 I think my code is correct, but I can't proceed

Hi there, I searched other topics, search Google, double-checked the code, asked ChatGPT and I’m pretty sure the answer is:
rows.push(padRow(done, count));

Yet, I’m getting the error:
Sorry, your code does not pass. Don’t give up.
Your loop should call the .push() method on your rows.

The console displays:
// running tests Your loop should call the .push() method on your rows . You should call your padRow function in your .push() method. You should pass done as the first argument to your padRow call. You should pass count as the second argument to your padRow call. // tests completed // console output

How can we solve this?

In the future, you need to tell us both the course and the step. The best way to do that is to use the Help button in the step itself to create a post here, as that will include a link to the step in your post. But I guessed this was for the pyramid generator, and I appear to be right.

Your single line of code looks right, so maybe you accidentally changed something else and that is causing the test to fail? Again, using the Help button will automatically include all of your JS so we can help you find unintentional issues (if that is indeed what happened here).

You might reset the step and then try again.

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I updated your post to inlcude the challenge link so people can help you.
But as mentioned earlier, it is best to include all of the relevant information like the challenge link and your full code :+1:

as to your issue, I am able to pass on my end with the code you posted.

try resetting the lesson.
or try posting the full code so far to make sure nothing else was changed by accident so we can test it on our end.
or you can try another browser or turn off any extensions.

hope that helps

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Sorry for not including all the details. Yes, resetting and submitting the code worked now.

Thanks, bbsmooth and jwilkins.oboe :slight_smile: