Steve Jobs Tribute Page any feedback would be highly appreciated

I’m planning to put this on my freelance portfolio. If you find any fault, let me know. I will fix it.

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This is the best tribute page I’ve seen so far.

I just find two spelling mistake. Timeline, no space in it. Also, inovation should be innovation.

Thank you so much for your feedback. I corrected those spelling.

Hello @MicroRony! Your page looks really good. A couple suggestions from me (I was only able to view in mobile).

  1. Your header text seems to be cut off at the top and bottom.

  2. The section headers could possible scale down a bit more so it fits on one line on smaller devices. Not necessary though.

Great job. If I get a chance to view it on a desk top I will.

Thanks man for notice. I’m working on those.

The work around the img to make it responsive it’s very good and I like it a lot, well done!
The content it’s presented very armonic, it’s a nice sensation to see it.

Keep going, good luck!

Very nice looking!

The pre-Apple section is missing a closed quotes at the end of the paragraph.

Also, you have lots of footnotes but they aren’t linked. If I were going to use this as a portfolio, I would either make those footnotes link or have them at the bottom of the page .

I think I solved those issues :slightly_smiling_face:

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Wow! Thanks, buddy those words mean a lot to me… :heart_eyes:

Thanks @CactusWren2020 for you feedback. I will linked those later.

I feel this is classic style web page.

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