Sticky navigation not working and font awesome not showing!

Im having problems with position sticky. On destop versions its not working, idk why. And my font awesome is not showing. Help please!

You forgot a hashtag # before your body element. your html elements and CSC is not well linked

I think all the href link instructions you have on the header are not needed in codepen (except for the Google Fonts). Try removing them and see what happens.
Also, I believe that for Font Awesome icons to work you need to include the kit script within the head section in the html.

Would that help?

  1. That is not how position: sticky works. If you move the nav out of and below the header element and then set top: 0; on nav you can see how it works.

  2. I don’t see you linking to font-awesome. Click the Settings button, go to the CSS tab and type font awesome, click the link to add it to the page.