Still can't pass challenge

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Code originally working as challenge described. Can’t pass the challenge. Resorted to pasting in known working solutions, and it still won’t pass.

/** 5) serve JSON on a specific route */
// app.get('/json', (req, res) => {
//   let data = {"message": "Hello json"};
//   res.json(data);
// });
/** 6) Use the .env file to configure the app */
 app.get("/json", function(req, res) {
  var myMessage = 'Hello json';
  if (process.env.MESSAGE_STYLE === 'uppercase') {
    res.json({message: myMessage.toUpperCase()});
  res.json({message: myMessage});

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Challenge: Use the .env File

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@joelcorey, try again later, at the moment glitch site has the below listed problems:

Moreover, you may need to set your below codes inside else{} to avoid unexpected server error

Thank you.

I had tried this previously, I will revisit it today as I try and work past the external stumbling blocks surrounding these challenges. In any case, thank you very much for contributing towards a solution!

@thetradecoder Any recommendations on alternatives to

Codesandbox, some instructions here

I don’t know well, but you may read the reply of the following links about it, specially the reply of few minutes ago
looking for alternative to glitch

Did you try the Codesandbox starter project I linked to here?

Also, please do not create duplicate threads for the same issue, thanks you. does appear to be the working solution.

For anyone interested: This is an issue we are working through: