Still experimenting with my Portfolio challenge. is it too different?

Im trying to spend the full 50 hours on it. the tribute page took just a few hours so im learning new skills that i can use. I know my code is a little sloppy but wondering if the design and layout is just too far left. i like it because im impressed that i put it together just wondering what my fellow camps think so far.

i am going back in forth from max screen size to min screen size to make sure it looks ok in mobile. still learning the rules of bootstrap i suppose

Hey hey fellow skateboarder :slight_smile: good job. I like it. The animations are nice to look at, the overall look I would try to makke it look more modern, however still a pretty creative pen I would say. One recommendation I would suggest is to comment more your code so we reviewers know faster what each section of code does or is intended to do.

Keep up the good work, code is journey, just like skateboarding a lifestyle. All my best.

hey whats up bro. thank you for your time. I totally agree with the commenting i was starting too and i noticed i got more and more sloppy. and its hard to be creative before i know all the rules and have all my tools lol. thank you again for your feedback. im gonna try to brainstorm on this the rest of the weekend and hopefully have put my 50 hours in by monday and be done.