Still need help with portfolio page My problem is that I can’t seem to make my hr element gain size, eventhough I apply the style height format supposed for HTML5. also my navigation buttons have spread out instead of aligning to the right. I can’t seem to find an answer and need help please.


If you want to make your hr element longer (wider) then you need to define its width to be more than 50%.

 <hr width= "100%" align="center" color="black" style="height: 10px">

As with your anchor tags, I would suggest you change their position to absolute/relative and then you can make them align to the right.

I don’t want it to be wider, I want it to be more bold. The line is so thin I can barely see it. As for the tags, how can I define that property to make their position absolute.

Please I need help to finish my project.

To define the position property you have to modify the css with the attributes :

 position: absolute;

But looking at your portfolio now, seems like you have managed it.

Yeah, thanks for the help. I’ll have the command in mind.