Stock Price Checker - API not working

I did a search through the forum, and find recent posts of people actively working on the Stock Price Checker project, but no recent mention of a problem with the API. But I’ve been trying to access it since last night, and continuously get:

Error 500 Class:

We are upgrading this part of for the next few minutes.

The link I’m trying to use to read up on the API is below, but I also checked someones code to get the link to the API directly and got the same error. Is it failing for anyone else?

@raisedadead Also, the following proxy servers are no longer working.

Just FYI, stock API now seems functional, but still seeing the 500 error in other places… for instance the next project, the Message Board, the sample page still gives that error:

Just FYI - still getting the 500 error on the sample project pages… the message board one above, and this one also isn’t working:

@Sky020 Can someone look into the root cause of these continually failing?

All of these should be up and running again. We have not found the root cause of the issue.

What is looks like is:

  • Packages are installed
  • App is started
  • App crashes (unhandled rejection / camper sending an unexpected request)
  • PM2 restarts the app, and the packages are not found - infinite loop

The annoying thing is the app does not appear as offline - everything looks fine unless you manually navigate to the webpage.

I thought that message only page message was related to nginix. @raisedadead would temporarily show that message while making changes to nginix on the backend.

I thought so too, but I think it is the default whenever a 5XX is encountered.

Just FYI, I can now access those pages today. Seems to be working now.

Hi @RandellDawson

Sorry about the late reply.

Yup, we have had some issues with the twitch proxy and stock price apps going down, and Kris is working on refactoring the setup a bit which should improve the uptime.

As for the error/maintenance page, we have used the same page for 5xx errors across the board on all our apps. That error page is served from the top level of our CDN when anything behind it goes down.

Finally, we are rarely doing a complete shutdown these days; apps are mostly running on rolling updates – so if you see that error page and it doesn’t resolve itself in 5-10 minutes, something is broken.

Anyways, thanks for letting us know. We are working towards making these demo apps more reliable.