Stock Price Checker - Feedback please

Just Completed the Stock Price Checker Project.
Here is the project link
Information Security and Quality Assurance Projects - Stock Price Checker

By doing this project I learned to solve more of mongo and express issues and experienced some irregular behavior of javascript inside mongodb which I didn’t know before.

Moreover, I got surprised how the freeCodeCamp designed all its project challenges - step by step, one after another. Thank you @QuincyLarson and your team for such a high quality, unique and most valuable CodeCamp, I appreciate all your works.

Although I completed this project, working fine, but I am not 100% satisfied for it delays few seconds to response. I rewrote the code few times in different ways to solve this, used direct API from the source, but failed- and I found it’s mainly because of collecting data from mongo for producing rel_likes with 1 ip-1 like.

I would appreciate if any of you provide some feedback to this project.

Thank you.

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Everything seems to be working as it should :smiley: found 2 things to tweak:

  • On the footer, it’s difficult to distinguish between a link and a non-link, I’d add some different color for links
  • On mobile, “Data source” at the footer has a weird padding to the left that should be fixed

Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

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Thank you @alexiorodrigues for your valuable feedback. I’ll check and fix that.

@alexiorodrigues, Thank you again, I’ve fixed the issues. :grinning:

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