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i have accidentally created an infinite loop in my program. i do not want it to run automatically when I open it in so I can modify the code. how do i achieve that ?

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A repl doesn’t run automatically on - you explicitly have to click run to start it going.

Ok so Incase I have an infinite loop in the load event - how can I prevent repl from even loading the html ?

Loading for display (in the repl editor) will not run the code. No server will be spun up, no load event will occur until you click run.

In fact, I’m thinking it through, and i don’t think your repl sandbox can autoload without some paid tier magic. When you load the editor, simply comment or delete the loop before clicking run.

I waited a day and reopened the program in and true enough it didnt run automatically and I was able to modify the code.
thanks for your help!

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