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So recently, I decided to take a break from learning programming concepts to take on a personal project. It’s a stopwatch website based on the stopwatch in the clock app of iPhones. Any sort of constructive criticism is welcome. Although I’m looking for the following:

  • How are my Javascript functions? Are they too redundant and are some functions unnecessary?
  • Is my Javascript too messy? How should I keep it more organized?
  • What are some steps I should take to improve the UI of my webpage?
  • Am I committing too often?
  • How can I improve upon my commit messages?


  • Your JavaScript functions seem functional and perform their intended tasks well. However, there might be some redundant functions which can be combined or refactored to make the code more efficient. You could also consider using helper functions to reduce repetitive code.

  • The JavaScript code could benefit from better organization and commenting to make it easier to follow and maintain. You could consider breaking up the code into smaller modules and adding comments to explain the purpose of each function.

  • Improving the UI of the webpage could include making the stopwatch display larger, adjusting the font and color scheme, and adding some styling to the buttons. You could also consider adding a reset button and allowing the user to adjust the size of the display.

  • Committing too often is not necessarily a problem, but it’s good to have clear and concise commit messages that accurately describe the changes made. Avoid using generic messages such as “fix” or “update.” Instead, provide a more detailed description of the changes and the reason behind them.

  • Improving your commit messages can be as simple as being more descriptive and including context for the changes made. Consider using the imperative form (e.g. “Add button for resetting stopwatch”) and explaining the reasoning behind the change in the commit message.

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Would using a framework such as React also help in keeping my code more organized?

Yes, using a framework such as React could help in keeping your code more organized. React allows you to break down your code into smaller, reusable components, making it easier to maintain and manage. React also provides a more structured approach to writing code, which can help you write more organized and maintainable code in the long run. Additionally, React’s virtual DOM makes it easy to update the UI efficiently, which is especially useful in a stopwatch application where time updates frequently. However, using a framework like React also requires a certain level of familiarity and understanding, so it’s important to weigh the benefits against the amount of time and effort required to learn the framework.

I’m actually taking a web software development class at my university right now and I believe React is covered later in the semester

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