Storing Values with the Assignment Operator- need help

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// Setup
var a = 7;
var b = 7;

// Only change code below this line

var b = a;

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You should leave the first two lines below // Setup untouched (so change var a = 7; back to var a;)

You should assign 7 to a below the second comment. You don’t have to use the var keyword because a is already declared earlier (same with b).

// Setup

var a;
var b;

// Only change code below this line

a = 7;
b = 7;
b = a;

Again not getting it right.

You don’t have to explicitly assign 7 to b. The b = a line will do that for you (and is the point of the exercise)

ohk then by this also my challenge is not completed.

Make sure you have this code below // Setup:

var a;
var b = 2;

yeah its done but dont understand that why we need to assign value 2 to b.
just to make sure that the value passed to a is the same value passed wth b?

It’s just the default code for the challenge, and it doesn’t want you to change that (though I’m not sure why there has to be an initial value for b).